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Wander project Greenwood IN…

They are again wandering pictures from Greenwood Indiana. Actually from an event in the spring many years ago. A picture of Gwen waiting at the twin’s high chair for the Twins to get lunch. Gwen spent a lot of time waiting for the twins to eat when they were little. By the time we were in Indiana, Gwen was getting less food from the Twins. This is the year that Fran arrived. The twins were in the high chairs for about six months after Fran arrived. Fran changed a lot of things for Gwen. The first big change was less food available from the Twins. The second was feeding. We left food out for Gwen, and she ate when she was hungry. Over a day, she would eat.

Fran. Would eat over a day she would empty the bowl if we left it out for her.  Over and over she would empty the bowl, Fran liked the food.  Labs tend to eat fast. They gulp their food if you let them. The impact on their digestive track is too much air. Over time it causes problems, so you buy Labs Slow feeders and feed them less food twice a day. Gwen wasn’t happy about that at first, but she was a trooper. She adjusted. The tree in front of the house was a Bradford Pear. It has, as you can see, lovely flowers early in the Spring. Sadly that particular tree wasn’t very healthy. It was blown over in a wind storm the next year. I miss that tree it was beautiful in the spring.

The quilt on the wall in the second picture is the tree of life done by my mother. We had that hanging in our house in Greenwood, until one day when my mother saw how it hung and didn’t like the quilt. She made us a new wall quilt, that still hangs in our house in Maryland. Mom’s quilts are a huge part of our family; I know the kids all have them and don’t sleep without them. There are also a few pictures of the plants around the house. At the time we moved to Indiana my wife was home taking care of twins. She spent a lot of time making the yard work for what she wanted. The flowers in these pictures were planted by the original house owners, eventually replaced with a new set of flowers by my wife!

My mother made the quilt on the right hand side.


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