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You can tell that the day was sunny by the pictures. When you look at the people and see jackets and a frozen pond you know the day was cold. But we went outside anyway. We would often play on the trampoline at any time of the year. It was always fun to jump on the trampoline when it was snow covered. You could make the snow bounce. Eventually, we took the trampoline down. Not because of our kids, they always followed the rules. We had issues with a few of the neighborhood kids. We banned them from our yard eventually. I suspect that group of young men were the ones that climbed to the railroad tracks beside our house and threw all the songs from the tracks to our yard.

Most accidents on a trampoline occur because there are two people jumping at the same time. We banned that from the very first minute. When the kids were young, we had a backyard designed for them to have fun. It worked. Between the trampoline and the pool, the kids were outside from May to October. I don’t know if they would have been outside otherwise. They, tend toward indoor activities. None of them are big fans of the walk overall since it is always outdoors. The pond would freeze over three or four times a year. I was always amazed watching the Geese stand on the ice so that they could swim in the one section of moving water from the brook that seldom froze over.

It made for a beautiful scene that I took many pictures of, over the years. The kids are playing in the backyard. Over time I don’t think you miss those things as much as you miss the times. The kids were little then, and the world was different. There was so much to show them, so many things they didn’t know. Now every day, every conversation starts with “I know, dad, I know.” Reminds me of the Martin Short character from Saturday Night Live. A portrayal of an attorney who, when asked a question would always respond with “I know that. What makes you think I don’t know that.” I do know that. I just don’t know if you know that is how I feel sometimes, but, it is part of growing up for kids to be smarter than their parents.


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