Wander project Greenwood, Holiday Show and Holiday Lights…

I have to be honest with myself and of course you my readers. I don’t understand the need to decorate houses at the holiday seasons. Over the years we did have a witch in our front yard for Halloween, but that was a stick and forget ornament. We did string lights a few times over the years, but we haven’t done lights in more than eight years now. I don’t miss the displays nor do I spend time seeking them. I do enjoy them when I encounter them. There was time though when the concept of preparing for the holiday season was critical. Back when the boys were young enough that the magic of the season filled them with joy.

The images here today start off with the boys Christmas or Holiday show one school year. Most likely first or second grade. For some reason a picture of the speedometer of the car and then pictures of holidays lights. Our neighborhood had very strict light rules back then. You could have colored lights next to your house, but the trees that touched the neighbor streets had to be white lights.

I wonder as a parent if you market the evolution of your children from the youngest days when the holidays are everything. Where come November they suddenly become angels and never misbehave. Then slowly evolving to what am I getting, what gifts under the tree are mine? The age of me and my replacing the wonder. Finally the established traditions in place the holiday becomes rote, something you all know by heart. That is when you realize; you grow you suddenly that there is truly more value in giving a gift to someone else than in receiving it yourself. The evolution of holiday spirits within the hearts and minds of children as they become adults.


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