Wander project Greenwood, Gwen and London…

There was a time when I kept a suitcase packed. Having the duplicate items always needed ready to go. I had two hair brushes, razors, and everything ready to go. I would never know if that week I was in Omaha or Minneapolis. The trips to Europe I knew about, but there were a few surprises over the years. Today’s pictures are of the tail end of Christmas, in particular, a great picture of my Mother-in-law and my wife and Gwen. Gwen often talked about what was bothering her. She was, and to this day remains the most verbal dog we ever owned. Gwen and my wife had a special relationship, Gwen talked back to my wife all the time. The second picture is of just such a talking to going on!

The night pictures are another trip to London. It was a last minute get there in 12 hours kind of deal. Those were the hardest trips because I couldn’t prep the family for me being gone. I had two of those ever to Europe. One to Amsterdam on less than two days notice. The other, the one starting with night time pictures to London.  I am, a little, complaining about those emergency trips. I suspect now, later in my career I would be better able to understand the reality of an emergency truly. A failure, as my father always used to say, to plan on your part is not an emergency on mine. It is your problem. I think now, I understand that, and am better prepared for the reality of someone else’s emergency!

I will end with the picture of the UK phone booth. I used to watch the show Dr. Who, 20 years ago. I liked it but never got deeply hooked. My kids were deeply hooked for a couple of years. That is a phase I think many kids go through. They, like me, are on the other side now. But I still love the English Phone Booths. They are unique in both how they appear and what they represent. The reality of phone booths, do they even make them anymore? The Red Iconic booths of London and the UK, or the smaller US style glass phone booths. Made famous in pictures with 20 people stuffed inside the phone booth. Or iconically brought to earth by George Carlin’s character in the movie “Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure.” Do they still make phone booths?


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