Wander project Greenwood and Cub Scout cake contest…

Creativity is something I always encourage. It is why I don’t make STEM presentations to schools when I present technology. I make CSTEAM presentions, the addition of Connection and Art, to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math of STEM. That in mind I am not a great artist when it comes to the creation of cakes. The boys and I tried to make a hillside, with a pool of water and a tent where the campers would sleep.

An idyllic setting. The boys did all the work (I don’t believe in me doing the work and presenting it as there work). Overall I have to say the cake wasn’t the best that day. But it was one of the only ones shown that the kids did 90% of the work. I did help them with the cooking of the cake portion. I also helped them by demonstrating how to do the icing. I am not good at icing cakes, so all errors past that point are on me. Sometimes the teacher comes, the students are ready, but the teacher isn’t prepared to teach what the students need!

We did get a participation ribbon for the cake. I guess sometimes that is all you do get, a participation ribbon. I suspect, looking at the pictures that our attempt was far too complex. The cakes that won were simple and conveyed a very simple message. Ours was too complex and too hard to explain. Still, the boys and I had a blast making the cake. We made a huge mess in the kitchen that we had to clean up. But we had a blast making the cake!

cub scout one

Cub Scouts one and one a

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