Wander project Greenwood, Christmas 2000

As promised I was going to post once a week for Christmas. Today the images are from 2000. Beginning in 1999 (but I cannot find the folder I stashed those pictures in) we had two Christmas celebrations. While we lived in Cincinnati, we took our stuff with us and celebrated at my parent’s house. Once we were in Greenwood the early morning (oh boy it was never much after 5 am when the kids were ready to start the day) was in Greenwood we then wandered down to Bloomington for the Family Gathering.

As the kids got older, we changed the tradition occasionally due to other family commitments celebrating on Christmas Eve. Heading down to Bloomington, of course, to get Ebel Skivers on Christmas day. That was one tradition I wasn’t going to miss out on!  The early pictures are dark, early in the morning as the kids wandered downstairs. Our house in Cincinnati had all the bedrooms except one on the upper level of the house.

In Greenwood, we were all on different levels. That meant that the early morning process involved the kids coming down the stairs. It was a procession with the boys. Jakki would help them down the stairs as the older sister. We would then watch the joyous surprise of them opening their gifts. Back In those days it often took us until 1 or 2 in the morning to get the toys assembled. My Wife and I were often clutching mugs of coffee that early am!


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