Wander project Greenwood and baseball!

Baseball, based mostly on the English or Scottish game Rounders, America Baseball is a sport that many countries love and cherish. Baseball is a game of risk and reward. Lean over the plate, and you may get hit by the ball. But, get hit by the ball, and your reward is a base. It is a game of angles and inches. As a child, my first black eye came from a baseball that I misjudged. Thrown to me, I missed the ball with my glove, and as a result, it hit me square in the eye socket.

The boys played baseball when they were younger. As team sports go, Baseball is similar to football. While you are part of a team and your specific contribution is critical to the success of the team, there are always some players whose contribution is of a larger impact. In the world of young children baseball, you can see that very quickly. I wrote a poem many years ago, describing a children’s baseball game. They are different than the professional baseball games.

The ground ball to first, between the legs overthrown and third inside the park home run, was the name of the poem. It pretty much describes the concept and process that most of those games were about. The ball would roll slowly to first base. The first base person would miss the ball (it would go between their legs). The runner would move to second base and since everyone was chasing the ball keep running to third base. Finally, the big kid with the big arm that was put in the outfield by the coach would get to the ball and heave it in the general direction of third base. The ball would fly far over the head of the third base person, and the runner would run for home.

It was, however, a lot of fun to watch!


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Written by DocAndersen

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