Wander project Greenwood, and then Fishers Indiana

Time has a funny habit of changing the way things appear. Until time stops, then things seem forever to be the same as they were. The images today are of a visit from my wife’s parents, and a trip to the Historic Indiana village known as Connor Prarie. It, Connor Prarie, was a recreated settlement of Indiana’s past. Figure roughly 200 years old or so when we were visiting. Some of the houses in the recreated village were real historical Indiana homes.

Some were recreated. We took my wife’s parents to the park for an afternoon and reliving the past. The reason for reposting these now is in part the fact that they (my wife’s parents) have both been gone now for more than ten years. Joan, my wife’s mother, passed away in 2005. Les, my wife’s father in 2007. It seems strange that they aren’t around anymore. Les and I spent a lot of time early in our growing relationship play golf in Hot Springs Arkansas.

Joan and I used to argue about cooking. I grew up making spicy food. Joan cooked for Les (he had ulcers) for many years and tended towards milder food. The two worlds often collided with the impact of spice on food. But those are some of my favorite memories of Joan. My very favorite cooking memories are of projects with my mother. I think mom and I loved the look on my father’s face when he walked into the kitchen and saw what our project had wrought. That moment remains my all-time favorite cooking moment!


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