Wander project Greenwood 2004

Since it was a snow day, another snow day to share comes from March 2004. 13 years ago, from Greenwood Indiana. Funny, I have a lot of pictures of snow. I love that pristine, untouched quality of freshly fallen snow. I don’t like the snow blown reality of snow cleared from a driveway, but the fresh fallen untouched snow is beautiful. Yesterday the conditions were perfect for snow from New Orleans all the way to Maine. A very unusual winter storm.

In our part of the world, those storms don’t normally have much moisture nor the winds and other components that make for a tougher winter storm. Those storms, tend to come from the Northeast and bring snow, wind and cold from Canada. It begs as it did yesterday, to question the intelligence of snow geese. Why fly from Canda (cold) in the winter to Indiana (still cold) in the winter? Why not Aruba? Or perhaps the southern tip of Flordia?

Funny how your mind wanders as you watch the white stuff fall from the sky. Big flakes, small flakes they fall. From the sky to the ground. The ground can’t be covered by one large flake; it takes millions of large flakes to cover the ground by an inch, two inches and so on. Each unique snowflake is falling to the ground to nestle its uniqueness next to all the other unique flakes. Until the ground. Covered and missing becomes a white blanket. It makes the memories of green fade quickly.


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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