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Wander project Girlie get my KONG!!!

The first two pictures are of my daughter and our dog Gwen. Throughout her life, Gwen felt she was in charge of our daughter. Our daughter thought she was in charge of Gwen. The argument was hilarious to me. Not as much to my daughter, but well, this is my version of the story anyway. When we lived in Cincinnati, Gwen used to chase our daughter and her friends around the yard, herding them. It was hilarious, and I only watched until the girls complained. Then I went out and brought Gwen into the house. She would sit in the office space and complain about the girls being outside without proper canine supervision. There was a control issue with the swing set.

Over the years, the relationship evolved. Gwen came to realize that my daughter was good at getting and throwing things. Gwen loved playing a variation of fetch. It was called Fetch and Chase. Gwen would beg to have the (in the picture it is a kong, the red thing on the pool cover) thrown. She would run to get it, and then she would run away. If I called her, she would eventually slink back with the ball or Kong and let me leverage it out of her mouth. As Fran got more prominent, the game changed. The two of them would collide with each other trying to get to the ball first. Fran always brought the ball back to us. But Gwen would only bring it back to me if I called.

In the pictures, you see the Kong on the pool cover. Gwen is yelling at my daughter about getting her Kong back. I am not sure why Fran wasn’t out. Normally when Gwen yelled at my daughter, Fran would stand by her girl. Perhaps Fran was busy indoors or napping. Dogs like to take several naps (23 one hour naps a day)! Being outdoors back when we lived in Indiana happened a lot more than it does now. Our back yard in Indiana could easily fit two of our houses and yards in Maryland now. We live in the land of smaller lots. The last two pictures are of the twins, and they used the slide as a collision tool many times. I don’t remember the two of them going down that slide correctly or alone, ever!




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