Wander project Germany…

There was a time when I always had a suitcase packed. It was never unpacked. I also used to collect TSA; we opened your bag cards. In the always packed suitcase, I had speakers, a portable GPS, and a portable XM radio. I never had to travel without the music I loved, nor did I land and have to rely on the GPS in the rental car. Needless to say, the wires for those devices triggered the TSA review. I am glad they did. I would have been nervous knowing what was in that bag and it wasn’t TSA ready! I also had my bag that had my computer, phone and of course back when I was traveling extra batteries for my phone. I at one time carried 2-3 batteries for long flights.

I don’t miss the days of getting up early in the AM, shuffling off to the airport and heading off away from home. I do miss the free vacations anywhere we wanted to go, miles convert to tickets over time! We managed to go on two cruises, and spend eight days in Mexico based on the points and miles we collected from my travel. I guess that was important then, but not something you think about. The pictures today are from my 2007 trip to Germany. Of course, there are many European sign pictures. I love taking pictures of signs. I also love taking pictures of people taking pictures. The second one is probably a larger personality flaw then the first.

I do like sign pictures though. I suspect if you count my grandfather’s (both) and father’s picture collections we have more than 2000 sign pictures. All four of us loved to take pictures of signs. My father took the second most. Both my grandfathers are tied for 3rd. I sadly because of the digital world and the greater number of overall pictures I have taken the most sign pictures. I actually I sign pictures from every continent except one (I’ve never been to Antartica so no sign pictures from there). The cigarette machine pictures are ones I’ve taken in European city. By the time I was traveling there were fewer and fewer vending machines for cigarettes in the US.


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