Wander project Germany 2007

Another trip to Germany, this one with a different group of people although a very similar purpose. The first time was evaluating and working with Messaging Architects. Many years ago there were two types of certified architects from Microsoft (Depth and Breadth). I got to work with both groups and help them. The first trip I shared a few days ago to Munich (with images of the bears I love) was working with the Depth architect group.

The second was with the breadth architect group. What the heck is the difference you might ask? Well, quite simply one is a focused architect that can tell you what and how to deploy a specific technology (there were four or five depth architect certifications based on Microsoft Technologies). A breadth architect is the one that could do more than the MSFT technology stack. The link to the previous post is embedded above.

This particular trip was also fun because I got to hang out with a dear friend, who is the best beer maker I’ve ever hung out with bar none (and I know quite a few people that make their beer, this person is the best period). Plus there was a great group of people, and we were having some very interesting meetings on the future of the future!  Plus, it was a different part of Munich from the last time I was in Germany, it is always fun to explore a new part of a city!


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