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Wander project from Dad's camera….

It is moving on the Wisconsin River #2 folder. Lots of repeat pictures, which tells me this was probably a slide carousel dad had of the river pictures. My father and my grandfather were both influenced by the University of Wisconsin biologist Aldo Leopold. He studied flora and fauna of the Wisconsin River for many years (publishing many books). Dad got a masters in Biology from the University of Michigan. Door County, which is the county in which Wisconsin Dells sits has some unique flowers that grow along the river. I would love to say that the love of flowers, and plants were passed down to me. Sadly it wasn’t, I love technology and blinking lights!

If I may digress for a moment, one of my all-time favorite pictures of my father and I is taken by the Wisconsin River. The location was a favorite place of both my father and grandfather. A spot where the river is wide. Rivers, when they are narrow, and where the ground changes altitude rapidly flow quickly. The two are pretty connected in terms of geophagy and impact. The more a river flows through an area that drops rapidly;y in height the narrower the river tends to be.  The narrower the river with the added reality of change in height the faster the water flows. In the spot where my favorite picture was taken, the previously narrow river was suddenly wide.

The energy created was suddenly pushed into a wide expanse. The picture is of dad and I standing there, dad’s hand on my shoulder. It remains my favorite picture of the two of us, until many years later at my wedding. I don’t have have a favorite picture of my mother and I. There are many of them that I adore mom and me. Dad took many pictures, and there are many of mom and me together. There are many pictures I adore of my sisters and me together. Some of just my sister and I in Illinois. Some of both sisters and I. Some of the mom, my sisters, and I. There is a picture of me, my sisters and all of us wearing sunglasses in Thailand on the steps of the old palace in Bangkok that I love. I guess having these pictures is really important to me!


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