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Father’s day 2020 was potentially a workday for me, so we moved the family celebration to last week, but as fate would have it, it is not a workday! We lost my dad six years ago. Two months after, we lost my daughter’s dog, Fran. It made that year hard, and honestly, I didn’t come out of the pain until the middle of the fall.  I know my dad was proud of me. I know I am proud of my children.  I have pictures today of the kids. The first three are one, the picture I took that one me photography award. The other two pictures are of the twins, one showing one of them at the wedding giving their toast. They both gave toasts, and I can tell you that the two toasts made everyone in the audience teary.

The last two of them tired and grumpy in Europe and the couple on their wedding day. All our children, other than the dogs. But I have to say right now that father’s day is bigger sweet in the sense of who isn’t here now. Mother’s day is still a joy, my mom is still around, and my wife, the other mother I get to celebrate is here as well. Father’s day is a little harder. I would say that it is sometimes hard to look inside. But we have to do that. We have to reach into sadness sometimes and pull out happy memories.  My dad and I watched IU sports. Every sport that we could watch we watched. Football and Basketball were the two biggest we waited, but we did enjoy others.

I love Indiana University because of my father. I can remain calm in emergencies because of my mother. I can swallow pills without worrying, because of my parents. I learned early on that the joy of Christmas isn’t tearing into gifts. It isn’t seeing what someone else bought you. It is the sheer joy of seeing the look on the child’s face when they open your gift. I find happiness in sadness now. As time passes, the grief is less each year. There are more happy memories. There are more moments I recall. I will end today with memories of my father, taking over as the temporary Scout Master of our Scout troop, and the resulting long hikes we took.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad, I miss you.

To all the dad’s that read this – Happy Father’s day!

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one of the twins 

one of the twins at their sisters wedding

We, do not wish to be seen in Europe with our parents!

the bride and groom


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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. A hard day for many of us Doc. We have to count our blessings and often look really hard for the positive. There is always something, as little as it might be, but always something positive to get us through.


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