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Wander project exhausting twins!

An Adventure, to adventure to leave the safety of whee you are, to go off into the woods. We did when the kids were little a lot, and When you have twins, you try to get them tired enough so that they will take a nap in the afternoon. Sadly, that usually also meant mom and dad were exhausted as well. Luckily the one thing we established when the twins were little was a consistent bedtime. If we missed a nap, we at least had them in bed early enough that we got some time. When they were 2, 3, and even four, they had two naps a day. That dropped to 1 nap a day by the time they were four and no maps per day after they were five years old. We missed naps! Series, we missed them a lot!

There are many parks we went to while we lived in Indiana. Turkey Run (where today’s pictures are from) was one. But there were many other parks. Springmill was both a recreated mill town from the early 1800s but also a wonderful park we went to often. We would take e picnic lunch and wander the park. There was a Brown County state park, and we went there often. We didn’t pack a lunch when we went to Brown County. My wife’s all-time favorite restaurant is on the way to the park (Called the Nashville House)! We would go, wander the park, and then at lunch, we would wander to the Nashville house. They make the best Fried Biscuits with Apple Butter.

Nashville Indiana is a more tourist trap than the city. But we went there as well, without going to the park. There were many other parks we would visit, most of them were city parks. There was a time when as we drove by playgrounds there were groans from the back seat. Now there is groaning from the back seat, but that is more the sheer desperation of being seen in public with your parents and or being forced out of the house, to sit in the car and go somewhere ?. But, when the kids were little the groans were when we passed a playground and didn’t stop. Not that we did that very often. We mostly stopped, let the kids play, and then moved on to the next one (easier, to exhaust twins when you can stand, and they are running!)


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