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Today three different pictures. The first one is the last picture in the grouping. Inspired by the cold, the picture is of a flower! Flowers help us deal with the cold. I spend a lot of time taking pictures of flowers I don’t spend time growing flowers, as I tend more towards helping them to extinction than staying alive. But I do love taking and sharing pictures of the great gardening work of others. I am inspired to take pictures of flowers. In the winter, I am inspired to share pictures of warm sunsets and beautiful flowers. It helps me a little bit to stay warm. I don’t know why it has been that way since I started doing my blogs now 15 years ago. I like pictures of flowers.

The first pictures are the second picture I will discuss today. They say a picture replaces a thousand words. I suspect I have less than 1000 words to share about this picture. It is simply a picture of our living room. I am taken from the hallway by my wife’s home office. The picture is pointing towards the windows that line the far wall of the open living room. We have lived in three houses in the past 15 years, and all three had high ceilings in the living room area. I don’t know why we are attracted to high ceilings in the living room. I suspect the next house we get will be one level, to reduce the wear and tear of going up and downstairs. So it probably won’t have a high ceiling in the living room!

The last picture, which is the second picture shared, is of the back wall of my office in particular of three things. The first is my favorite former IU and former Indiana State Basketball player Larry Bird. He came to IU and was recruited by Coach Knight, but he never played a game for IU. The other is a wall sticker of a minor. I don’t know why I love those characters so much! The last thing is my bulletin board. I keep personal notes and letter son the back bulletin board. When someone takes the time to write me a note thanking me for something, I keep the note. It is just something I have done for many years. I do store the notes in a file cabinet over time. The ones on the wall are the current ones!


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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I love those wood floors and beautiful flowers. Growing up my mom was quite the homemaker she would wax out wood floors. Then I started walking and, unfortunately, one day I was running and slipped and slid right into the wall. Well, after a bump on the head rugs appeared miraculously and I no longer slipped on the floors

  2. The picture of the flowers is gorgeous …. Larry Bird was a great basketball player … well I can remember him from the year when the World Basketball Championship was held in Ljubljana and Yugoslavia was the World Champion … I don’t think it was in 1970 but sure

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