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Wander project Eagle Creek Park and the Pan Am games!

The Pan America Games were held in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1987. The PanAm games as they are called focus on Olympic sports. They are an opportunity for the best and brightest athletes in the Americas (Central, South, and North) to compete. For the event, Indianapolis constructed a Natatorium (swimming) and several other venues. One of the venues was for rowing, canoeing, and other outdoor aquatic sports. That was Eagle Creek. Located, just north of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (where the Indianapolis 500 mile motor is traditionally run the Sunday before memorial day or for those reading this today, it was run yesterday). Eagle Creek is now a recreation park.

Although in honor of that Pan Am event, no motor boats are allowed on the water. You can canoe, skull, or other forms of self-propelled watercraft. I won tickets to several Pan Am game events, including the biggest, the Men’s Basketball Finals. The US lost to Brazil that year (1987) and would also lose the Olympic Gold medal in 1988. Tough times for US basketball. But I also won tickets to the swimming and the crew races. Many years later, we after moving back to Indiana often took the kids to the Eagle Creek Reservoir for an afternoon and picnic. Being outside with twins can sometimes reduce the impact of notice. Small spaces seem to bring out loud voices in twins.

Well at least in our twins.

We used to walk around the reservoir enjoy lunch and of course, stop by the playground. There was time, starting around 1994 and lasting until roughly 2004 that if we saw a playground we had to stop. First, it was stopping for our daughter. Then it was stopping for the twins. In the case of the Eagle Creek Park, they had several play areas.

Interesting, there is a restaurant on the side of the reservoir. In all our years in Indiana (11) we never went.


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    • It is funny, when we moved to Maryland we lived in a planned community in the center was a sports complex with a pool and other outdoor activities.

      We moved to a new house about six years ago, just down the street from the largest sports complex in southern Maryland!

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