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Wander project Dublin Ireland

Ireland has a special place in my heart. I have been and never once while there felt like I wasn’t home. It is a grand island of beauty. I love wandering the streets of Dublin. Or Shannon, or Galway or Belfast. All places I have been to stop in and wandered on the Emerald Island. I have been to the Top of the World, although we could argue that it was more by name the top of the world than in actual reality a top.It does, the Top of the World, tower over Dublin but it is hardly the top of the world.

It was fun to sit there for a time however so I will give them the fun factor! There are few cities, which upon arriving for work I would stay a couple of extra days just to sightsee, to wander the city. Normally on work trips, I was trying to get home. The team I was working with would take me out one or two nights so that I could see their city from their eyes. That was always fun for me, and the Irish team I worked with did that as well.

But I also took a day to sightsee fair Dublin myself. I grew up reading and loving the works of James Joyce. I wanted to see his Dublin. I wanted to see the Post Office in downtown Dublin where the Easter Day Rebellion began. To see the Pub where Joyce sat and wrote the Dubliners and Ulysses (well perhaps not wrote, I suspect he watched and wondered). To visit the Jameson brewery and the Guinness Brewery (to see the Top of the World). It took me two full weekend days. I landed on Friday, as we had early am Monday meetings. Met with the team Friday afternoon. Then wandered fair Dublin all day Saturday and Sunday.


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Written by DocAndersen

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