Wander project Disney World (and a Character Breakfast!)

My daughter wanted to do the character breakfast. Those are different than the hotel breakfast where the characters were occasionally walking around. This was a collection of several different characters in one place, in costume and having a blast. We went to Chip and Dale’s character breakfast. Everyone was ready for a good time, except one of the boys. For some reason, he did not like the large characters and screamed whenever they came near.

I ended up taking him outside; he was that uncomfortable. That worked out OK in the end. He and I wandered around the main square of Disney World (where the parade normally shows, and Walt Disney’s apartment was). He was much calmer outside and away from direct contact with the characters. My wife and I both felt bad about the impact they, the characters had on the boy. The other two children were fine, just the one.

I guess as a parent that is a valuable lesson to learn. Children adapt to things at vastly different rates. Where our daughter wanted pictures with Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse one of the boys did not want to be within 10 feet of any character at all. He was happy to ride the rides and see the many things in the park, as long as the characters stayed away. He doesn’t like things like that to this day. Although many years later now, he doesn’t scream and bury his face now.

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