Wander project Disney Magic in the air!

In a comment on one of Alex’s post, I mentioned the pictures shared today. They were taken many years ago with the old Kodak Digital Camera. There was a time when Kodak sees the end of their film business, tried to move to the new Digital Camera world. That was the camera I had with me at Disney World the first time we went. My daughter wanted pictures of Cinderella’s castle. I had taken some during the day, and she wanted a picture of the Castle at night. The result was the pictures you see. I do not claim any great skill with these pictures. No magical filters were applied just took the pictures and later realized the happenstance effect. I.e., lucky me, I got cool pictures.

Capturing lightning in a bottle as it were.

I suspect over the years I’ve gotten lucky a few times, uniquely capturing pictures of a moment. I have also blown more pictures than I care to imagine. That, I suspect that personal fear of having blown pictures is why my father didn’t always share his pictures. They are not good enough for other people to see, I am sure he told himself that. Because there were many times, he told me that he only shared the good pictures. With digital cameras, I have the opportunity to take 100 pictures where once I could take 12 to 24. Or for that matter 300 pictures where once I could take 36. Or, as in the case of family vacations in 2000, 4000 or more pictures where once we took 130.

Cinderella’s castle, Disneyworld at night. Yes, they still do fireworks and light displays. I just don’t have a slow shutter camera that takes images like that automatically. I can set my DSLR to do that, and do when I take pictures via the telescope, but why? To recapture a moment that is now gone? To recreate an event that was happenstance in the first place? That isn’t critical regarding pictures and family events. The moment well moments captured in these pictures is treasures now. They represent the only light show pictures we have from Disney world. Just or only because my daughter wanted pictures of Cinderella’s Castle at night. I wouldn’t have taken the pictures without the nudge! Who nudges your pictures?


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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