Wander project Disney Day 2

There is something that I have to admit all these years after we went to DisneyWorld. I looked forward, every single day, to the boys needing a nap. Why? Because, and I haven’t admitted this before,  I needed a nap every single day!!! I was exhausted by the first hour of the limo ride. It went downhill from there. We stayed at the Polynesian resort on property. We did that for two distinct reasons. The first is that we didn’t want to rent a car. The second was, you got into the park early when you stayed in a Disney Property hotel.

Based on the second (that was the driver for the kids) we stayed on property. We got to ride the monorail every day. I have to say that was fun. It also made transporting the stroller (you see it in many of the pictures) a lot easier. We didn’t have to fold it, put it into the car and head to the park, find a parking spot, unpack the stroller and walk a ½ mile to the part to stand in line. We were dropped off in the park, every single day!

My second favorite story from Disney World is about the fun we had. They, Disney, call it the happiest place on earth. We truly had a great time wandering the park. On the first day, we had breakfast at the Polynesian hotel, hopped that monorail and off to the park. We stopped in the gift shop first thing. We have a family tradition that when we take vacations, we stop and buy a hat from that place. All of us got Disney hats and started our Disney pin collection!

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