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Let us, for a moment, think about the world. The tiny place that we call home. Tiny, in the sense that there are larger planets in our solar system. Tiny in the sense that it is the only planet today fit for us to live on. Let’s stop and consider that for a moment. All the hate in the world now, does it do anyone any good? Hate is like a drug, so easy to produce, so hard to stop doing. We need to take a collective breath and remember why we are here. Our lives are not the news. We have to find a way to move through our days and find a path forward with some compromise.

I know that many things happen over the years that are frustrating for people. Things build up over the years. Scars are formed, and it hurts to remove those scars. Bad things have happened.  I would say that history is something we can do something about. But the reality is, no matter how we rewrite the books, change the pictures, we still come back to the reality of Horshak’s cult mantra from Welcome Back Kotter all those years ago. What was, was. That is the simple reality we all have to understand somehow. What happened is over; it happened.

If we don’t like what happened, then we have to do something about that not happening again. We have to find a way to accept that we cannot change history. I always tell people that applying the lens of today to yesterday does nothing. Now, the interesting thing is if you apply the lens of yesterday to today, you might end up with a much different perspective. Say someone from China in the range of AD 1100 AD; they might believe that there was no world other than China. They would be shocked that the rest of the world existed. Or someone from 400 AD in Europe would likely see today’s world as magic or even Satanic.

It is all about the point of reference!



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