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Wander project Derby England

My first trip to London many years ago was only in passing. I was going to the UK, just not going to London. I was going to a city north of London, Derby England to meet with a customer. I did, however, get to wander London on the subway and then take a train through the English Countryside to Derby. The total of all the pictures I took in Darby is shared with this post. It was a business trip, and by the time we met with the customer, which started early in the morning and then went out to dinner it was a dark to dark experience. We would go outside at lunch because we were meeting in the football stadium in Derby, the pitch as they call it in the UK.

That part was cool, meeting in a Luxury box with the customer. I’ve been in some Luxury boxes over the years; some are better than others. There is something about someone bringing you food while you are watching a sporting event that makes it that much more fun. In this case, they were bringing our food but we were talking about technology, we weren’t there to enjoy a sporting event. We did, one of the five days I was there, get to watch them mow the pitch. There was an incredible precision with which they mowed the pitch. It was mowed in an angular pattern as if trying to create a grain in the very grass of the field. When the mower was finished they laid the lines with chalk or paint I couldn’t tell.

We hit some fun restaurants while we were in Darby, but my favorite thing was visiting the pubs. English and Irish pubs are very different than American Bars. There is a more open and friendly environment in the pub setting. Plus I was introduced to Father Mike’s Stout. By Stout, they meant you had to be stout to drink Father Mike’s, it had 14.9% alcohol by volume. Father Mike’s would knock ya down if you weren’t careful. Made you wonder about the good Father. The Pub was around the corner from our hotel, well the first one was, so we walked to the pub that first night. The air was cool and crisp, and overall the experience of wandering the English countryside at night was one I will never forget.


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Sounds like you have had some really good trips with your work over the years.
    London is a place I used to want to visit but with the recent events, not so much.
    But enjoyed reading your experience you will never forget.

    • I traveled pre- 9/11 and post 9/11. I can say the tension of travelers increased a lot after that time period. But I also never didn’t feel safe. I suspect there is a lesson in travel there, as my father always said “be alert, the word needs lerts:

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