Wander project December Greenwood Indiana…

Today’s wander project is from Greenwood Indiana. It is roughly 12 years ago, around Christmas. My wife, introduced the best man from our wedding to his future wife, they were visiting with their baby. Funny how as you get older things change. What was is not more. My best man was married at the time of my wife and my wedding, but that marriage was not meant to be. His second wife was the one that my wife introduced him to. Their son is the baby in the pictures shared today.

Additionally, there are a couple of great shots of the dogs who lived with us. Gwen was the older dog at that point. Gwen had joined our family in Cincinnati. She suffered through a rough patch, in the beginning; there was much yelling about feeding her and making sure she got outside. The poor dog was confused and scared of all the screaming. She was skittish anyway, by nature her breed isn’t the most stable dogs.

Fran joined us in Indiana. We spent a lot of time researching dogs. We got a lot of bad input. But my daughter and I ignored the bad input. You have to find a dog breed that matches your family. You can’t pick a dog based on the wants and needs of people not directly involved. Dogs, however, are like cars. Everyone has an opinion and shares that opinion with you regardless of the relevance of the opinion to your situation. My daughter and I finally settled on a Labrador. They have the best mix of reasonable size, but big dog personality.


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