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Does pain shape our lives? I have had should pain for several years. That pain is slowly going away now, but that is sole because I am focusing on it. I’ve found as I get older that concentrate on specific pain is the only way I can make that pain go away. I had a bad back for many years, we ended up moving to a foam mattress, and I haven’t had a backache in more than eight years now. I was focused on that back pain, and it is reduced. The same is currently true of my shoulder pain. I am focused on reducing the pain overall.  There are many different ways to deal with anxiety, and of course, pain is relative. What impacts me might be nothing to you.

Or vice versa, what impacts you might be nothing to me. Pain is something each of us carries. There are two kinds of pain we all deal with. Emotional pain can be deep and last a long time. Physical pain is the pain we can often focus on and get results. It is why sometimes that we close the door on emotional pain. Or put that pain into the little boxes in our heart. We carefully make sure the shelves are strong so that none of those boxes tumbles to the ground and opens. That is the scary reality for all of us. The moment the emotional pain is loosed upon us.  But physical pain can be debilitating as well.  It can leave us wondering why we? Why now? Why this pain?

I walk a lot, sometimes 230 miles in a month. Based on that, my legs are stiff at times; My knees hurt a little from time to time as do my feet. But that is warm-up pain. Once I get rolling, I don’t have that pain. The good thing about walking is that you can do conference calls. Or conversations with people. People you encounter while walking look at you strangely, but who cares. The pain in my shoulder is a little harder to deal with.  That pain changes how I do things often. Pain can be hard to deal with, but we do what we can do.  Most of us, as we get older, pick up the pain. I guess pain likes to ride along with experience. What took me two days to recover from now takes weeks!

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