Wander project Day 2 Disney World

The first picture you see of my daughter with Minnie Mouse was the goal of our second day at Disney. We got a lot of pictures of my daughter with various Disney characters, but she wanted Minnie Mouse’s picture, more than any others. The quest for Minnie took most of the day. We found her towards the middle of the afternoon. There was no quit that day, with a goal of hanging out with Minnie. We didn’t see Mickey that day at all.

We did see Mickey later, a couple of times, but that goal for the 2nd day was a picture with Minnie. One of the things we learned that 2nd day and the 1st day was that the food inside the park wasn’t bad. But the restaurants were always crowded. You could try going at off-times, but we quickly found they were swamped then as well. With little kids, who were always hungry, off times worked. But the restaurants were still crowded. At least at off times, we got a table to relax for a bit.

The other thing we learned is the boys crashed every day at 2 pm. The first two days we tried to let them sleep in the park, but there were no good areas for that. The 3rd and 4th day we took them back to the room and let them crash. But this was day 2, and we hadn’t figured that out yet. So, there are a couple of crashed twin pictures shared today. They slept in their strollers all the time; I was always worried about their necks.

We spent the entire day seeking this photos. My daughter wanted a picture with Minnie Mouse!

ah chip and dale

This is a scene that would play out later

crash and burn

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