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If I may with today’s pictures drift off to memories. Our daughter was born in Cincinnati Ohio. I have many memories of her. It was standing in line, as it snowed, cold to get into the special school. Cincinnati Public Schools has a magnet school program, they only allowed you to apply one day a year, and you had to be there. It was in November. It was cold, and we stood outside in the freezing, snowy mess to apply. Twice, two years in a row. My wife was off for a business trip, so it was me there. The things we do to support children is something that is often forgotten. But it is time well spent as an investment in the memories that would be shared later.

Part of my toast at the reception was talking about the Moon Song. I crated the moon song for my daughter. I sand it to all the kids over the years. It was an important part of the winding down before bed process. I also sang the song 500 miles, or as it is sometimes called the Railroadman’s lament. Until the kids were old then my singing made them sleepy. Then I didn’t sing the songs for them. Didn’t want them to be sleepy at bedtime. I shared three stories of my daughter in my toast. I would say that each of the stories was meant for her, not meant for the audience. But they were also meant to show the kind of person that she was and would be.

My daughter lived with us in all but one of the places we lived in Cincinnati. She has lived with us in our Indiana home. She joined us in our two Maryland homes so far. But now, she and my son-in-law will be living on their own. They will live in houses that have nothing to do with my wife and me.  She won’t live with us in our next house, be it in Maryland, Virginia or somewhere else. It is a transition. We add a new family member to our small band of warriors. But we change now forever. Our average height goes up an inch! But the house we have is bigger. Funny that as children leave your house. You realize how much bigger the house becomes overall.


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