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The calendar on my wall says another day has passed, making us closer now today than we were at this time yesterday. Change is an interesting problem. One that wanders, swirls and flowers around me right now. I know that the twins feel stressed. Yesterday my daughter stopped by the house, getting things for her Bachelorette party. She and our neighbor’s daughter, stopped by to pick things up. She was exhausted, stressed but still smiling. Today we are wandering the joint activities that she did with her brothers. The summer was for many years spent in the pool. The kids didn’t clean the pool I did. To them, the pool was a magical place they could go, play and enjoy.

Our daughter was always there swimming with her siblings. It helped create a bond between the three of them, that had started when the twins were born. My wife, my daughter’s mother, was put on bed rest around the 13th week of the pregnancy. For those who know my wife, she is a very active person. She doesn’t like, except at the end of the day, sitting and waiting. She is the King Julian of our family (from the movie Madagascar “I like to move it move it”) She is always son the move. So the enforced you will be in bed all day, every day was hard for her.  Our daughter, who was entering Kindergarten was home at the time and took care of her mother.

Took care, I am reminded of coming home one evening to be told by my daughter that she had cut carrots and celery for her mother. That made me a little nervous, so I cut a bunch of celery and carrots that night for the rest of the week. Our daughter never complained; she hung out with her mom. She brought her food, water and reminded her to stay on the couch or stay in bed. As I said my wife is more Tigger than Pooh Bear. She doesn’t stop moving often. The 20 weeks she was on bed rest was the hardest of her life. I got to escape for work every day, but came home and took over taking care of the poor enforced bed rest victim. I will never forget our daughter happily doing that every day for 19 weeks!


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Written by DocAndersen

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