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The walls now are closer; I can feel them near me. Time isn’t on my side any longer. Tick tock, tick tock the clock never forgets to move. I can stare at it, glare at it, but the clock ticks on.  It doesn’t care as it has nothing to do but keep time. Someday of course, or even perhaps today, the battery will run out for the clock. Or I will remove the battery. Stopping the clock at 9:37 am Eastern Daylight Time. The day the time stood still. Perhaps I should make a movie with that title ?. I have practiced my speech 20 times. I can make it through without crying. I know not to look at my wife. She will be crying. She was sniffling when I did the speech for her two weeks ago.

It is a lot different now than it was then. I have gotten great advice to grab the heartstrings of the audience and play them like a harp. Beautiful emotion music. Take the audience to the top of the mountain, and then to the valley below. I am creating the emotional folding chair for my speech. The up and stored position useful and not something you can sit on. The open deployed position something you can sit on but much harder to store. That is the essence of the speech. To carry the audience to the places they were not, but to connect with those places. To bring to them, the view of who is sitting in the Bride’s dress at the head table of the event.

To share with them all of the emotions all of the moments that for me carry the essence of our daughter. The story for today is the broken toe. My daughter was walking near the marble fireplace in the house. She was moving quickly and didn’t pay attention, her baby toe, small toe, outside toe whatever it is called struck the marble, and at that angle, it broke. Toes are hard. You can’t set them you tape them to the others and let them heal. We, the two of us, sat in the emergency room waiting for the doctor to tell us that. I took a couple of pictures, but I won’t share those. The broken toe healed, the care taken to walk past the marble fireplace increased.


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