Wander project Cruises, Kids and FUN!!!!

Over the course of a 19 year period, we’ve taken many family vacations. During that time we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy four different cruises.

Our first cruise was aboard the Disney Magic. This four-day cruise took us to parts of the Caribbean, the Disney Private Island (Castaway Cay) and then back to Florida. This was by far our kid’s favorite cruise when they were little. Jakki was about 8 years old at the time of the cruise and loved the Disney Kids Club!

The next cruise we took was aboard the Carnival Cruise. We still wandered the Caribbean and overall the cruise had a great adventure (we went to the Cancun family park Xcaret.) But the cruise wasn’t really a kids focused cruise it was more for adults, so the kids didn’t love it quite as much.

Our next cruise was in Hawaii with my family. We did the Islands cruise which takes you to a number of the Hawaiian islands and was a blast. The food was not great but everything else was fantastic. This was also the third different cruise line we had taken (Norwegian). Service was excellent, the food was OK not great. We took this cruise at my mother’s request, as a last tribute to my father, in 2015.

The last cruise we took, last summer (2016) and was the Viking Cruise. It was not a Viking Cruise Line Cruise rather it was a cruise that wandered around the world the Vikings roamed. The food on the cruise ship was amazing. The stops were also amazing. We had two of our best trips ever, Legoland and the Rostock Zoo in Germany.

It is interesting, young kids loved Disney. As the kids got older they were more interested in getting off the ship than being on the ship (Nick gets seasick).

BUt going on cruises with kids, is a really good experience overall.


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