wander project couches come, couches go

Pictures often take me down a path of memory. A moment recalled, I find that often to be the case. Today the images are ones that trigger memories but not a full story. Sometimes the stories are smaller. Over the years, based on that first picture, we’ve had several couches. Some of the sofas we had didn’t last very long. Some did. At one point, we transitioned from couches to sectionals. Now we have one in our living room (a sectional) with enough room for most of us to find a place to sit. Because we let the dogs on the furniture, the upstairs regional has had a lot of wear and tear in the four years it has been in the living room. It is also the fourth such couch we’ve had.

It is the fifth, we had one in Cincinnati in our living room, That one moved with us to Indiana, but it moved to the basement. It didn’t leave Indiana. It was a green cloth sectional. The living room in Indiana originally had a love seat and a couch, but we ended up replacing that with another sectional a few years later. Sectionals are beautiful because they fill the room and have places for more people to sit. I could go on and on about sectionals, but I won’t. When we lived in Indiana, we had the pool in the backyard. The basement couch often ended up having wet kids sitting on it, so it died. It is funny what sticks with you when you see a picture.

I see my daughter and Fran, but the thought that popped into my head was a recounting of the couches of the past. Sometimes memories slide into place without explanation or reason. Today that is a tour of sofas. Perhaps tomorrow’s mind, when I view the pictures I share, will instead be memories of cookies I have eaten over the years. Or possibly memories of making cookies over the years. Who knows, perhaps tomorrow’s wander will carry us to the land of Klondike Bars (a US Ice Cream bar). Or possibly cakes and the impact of carrots on cakes. Carrots in cubes seem ok to me. Carrots on cakes make me wonder what is in the cake. So we shall see where the wander of tomorrow will lead.

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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Well, I have to leave now! My husband saw the words “Klondike Bars” and he thinks I must go to the store right now because he wants Klondike Bars for breakfast! He said he would even get the car started. I am really not going to leave right now, but I will put them on the shopping list.


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