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Wander project Copenhagen!

The way I booked the trip, it was land in Copenhagen, rush to the boat and take the cruise for seven days. Return to Copenhagen for two days, and then off to Amsterdam for three days.  We arrived back in Copenhagen and took a cab from the dock to the airport area. Right across from the airport. The hotel was cool, and the first couple of pictures are from inside our room. We unpacked, and then headed off to see Copenhagen. I had a mission. I was going to recreate a picture from 1972, But that comes later in the day. The initial problem was me being able to walk. We ended up buying pain killers in the hotel store so that I could move around.

Then we walked to the subway. Copenhagen has one of the best city, subways. Clean and easy to get around the city. We were heading into the city itself, and our initial map argument was about which way to go from the station. My ribs honestly hurt so much at that point, that I smiled and let the argument rage on. I didn’t have the energy to walk and to argue. SO I walked. From the subway stop to where we were going for lunch (we landed about 8 am and were off the ship by 9. We were at the hotel by 10, and on the subway by 1130). My daughter had gone to the front desk to ask what was the best place to go for lunch that was near the harbor.

She was told of a collection of food trucks that didn’t move, in an old shipping warehouse near the harbor. A perfect fit for the project that we will talk about tomorrow. Now, from the subway station to the old warehouse was a bit confusing, but we managed to make it to the most amazing lunch place ever. There were 30 different food trucks in the building. We finally, after much discussion, decided on Korean food as our lunch. No matter how much we discussed, we could not come to an agreement on the desert. The kids wanted to go to the cheese place. My wife and I wanted to get Danish pancakes. So we spilled up for desert and met back up outside to enjoy the desert.


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  1. Thank you for the dialogue and interesting pictures. That hotel certainly is unique. I’m sorry that you had to travel in pain. I used to hurt my back every time we went on a trip; and that sucked.

  2. Scandinavia is totally beautiful,dear friend … but I don’t like it to come back …. I was a couple of times and I think it was enough … how long have you been on a cruise?


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