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Wander project Copenhagen in search of the lady of the harbor!

I first went to Copenhagen with my parents in 1972. Open-faced sandwiches and a trip to a toy store Christmas display was the first couple of days we were there. But the 3rd day we went to see the Lady in the Harbor, the little Mermaid. Standing shoulder to shoulder with my father (ok of the two, I was the shorter one) he with his Pentax Single Lens Reflex camera and me with my Kodak Instamatic 110 took almost the same picture of the lady in the harbor.

It is a moment I have treasured and remembered since that day. In 2016 when we went out and about I wanted to recreate those pictures, the memories and to show my children what had captured my imagination. We walked from lunch to the little Mermaid, about 4 miles. The walk was more to show my family the magic that is Copenhagen.

We also got to walk through the Royal Palace. There is nothing like the opportunity for a good joke so I told the kids, if the Royal Family recognized me I would have to give up my life and become a Royal. We were able to sneak through the compound and no one recognized me.

Then it was the last few steps past the park to the Little Mermaid. A statue placed in the harbor of Copenhagen to celebrate the magical story by Hans Christian Andersen. No relation to me personally, first because he was a batchelor that never married. But also because my family name is Andreessen not Andersen.


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Written by DocAndersen

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