Wander project Copenhagen Denmark

My first trip to Copenhagen Denmark was in the Winter of 1972. It was a magical trip filled with amazement and wonder. Open-faced Danish sandwiches and the land where my father’s family had come from. (we had visited Ireland on the way to Thailand the land where my mother’s family is from). We stayed in a hotel that wasn’t one of the modern hotel chain type places. I remember it being a restaurant in front and then the hotel above but not much more than that.

My next trip to Copenhagen was 30 years later (2006), and it remains the same beautiful place that it was, and is. First off Copenhagen is a very clean city. It is also a very friendly and open city. Plus the weather is cool, and there are bikes everywhere. I don’t remember bikes in 1972; I am sure they were there I just don’t remember them. I remember, however, the magical toy store window with the elves of Santa’s workshop mechanically moving around. Just an amazing display in the store all those years ago.

I wasn’t in Copenhagen the second time around Christmas. It was early fall, and I was there for business. We were holding a series of meetings in the company office. It was part of a company we had purchased, so it was not like the usual company offices. Normally our offices were new, modern and sterile. This one was fresh, architecturally very cool and just amazing when it came to the water features on the campus. Very different than the usual company offices at that time.


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