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On a trip to Copenhagen, I got to see a part of the city that I hadn’t experienced before. The office of the company I was working for, was originally the campus of a company my company had purchased. It remains the most physically beautiful campus of any I had and would visit for my company at the time. That includes the global HQ. The office was amazing, first off one of the best cafeterias ever. Wonderful breakfast foods, just waiting for people to arrive!

We also got, for a few days to stay at a resort by the Sea. That was also beyond amazing. We could walk from our hotel to the campus where we had our meetings. We did, walk, every single day. There and back again, just like Bilbo Baggins. Although, we were not halflings, and this, our journey was not through and beyond the middle earth. We were on the north side of Copenhagen Denmark, and it was simply amazing.

We stayed at a spa/resort. Every night we would wander to a local restaurant and eat by the Sea. The group of people were people I had hung out with for a few years at that point, we were all jovial and had fun! I did manage to get a couple of pictures of clouds over the sea rolling in. The storms were quite impressive slamming into the coast. The water at high tide left enough room that the storm flow wouldn’t push up onto the land, but it was interesting to watch the water push in!

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