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Wander project Copenhagen (4 posts, 4 days covering 2 days)!

As I cruise along post-cruise, I just realized that today is the 4th post and 4th day spent in Copenhagen. We were only in Copenhagen for two days.  Oh well. Today is some of the pictures from the Botanical Garden.  My ribs, now four days in were still aching, sitting down, was painful. It also limited my use of the camera. I ruined a lens for my DSLR. The Camera still worked, video worked, but you couldn’t focus up close for pictures.  I did, however, have a few pictures to share. We arrived at the Botanical Gardens before the Greenhouse was open. We were able to wander the beautiful garden. It, the garden was originally built by a member of the Danish aristocracy.

It was left/given to the City of Copenhagen at some point in the past 100 years. The Greenhouse sits next to a small university. The University sits on the backside of the Greenhouse, and the students operate the Greenhouse. They also have several really fun areas outside where they are growing several more native plants. The other thing was a series of outdoor gardens with different areas. There was a beautiful lake that was just down the hill from the Greenhouse. The flowers shared today are from outside on the way to the Greenhouse. They had many different flower gardens that you could view — the flowers doctored buildings as well, which was fun.

When we walked into the Greenhouse, there was a very fast temperature change. It was probably 65 degrees outside. Very comfortable for walking around. It was around 87 or so with nearly 100% humidity inside the Greenhouse.  The rapid temperature change was a little disconcerting. I remember the change because I took about four steps, and my glasses fogged over. I couldn’t see, had to take the glasses off, and dry them on my shirt. It is funny sometimes what you remember. This ends the 4th post on the 4th day of our two days in Copenhagen. The next thing for us was heading to the airport in Copenhagen to fly to Amsterdam. It was only an hour flight!

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