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Wander project continuing the funny story challenge!

The pictures today are of the pond. The story is also of the pond but sadly from a different angle. They are looking, as they say, up. We had purchased a Kayak and a Canoe after selling our boat. We were going to do more canoeing. Plus, living on the pond, I wanted to see the other side, up close and personal. In part, I wanted to see where the beavers had built their dam by then three years before.

I got into the Kayak to try it out first.

My initial mistake hand my daughter a camera.

I did well and made it easily around the pond in a large loop. Sadly the doing well part was short-lived. As I came back towards our yard, I forgot one critical part of ponds and in particular our pond, and there was a sand bar/debris bar. The creek that fed the pond was right where our yard was, so the silt and other stuff that came down the creek was in the sand bar.

I hit that bar, and in the pictures, you can see me slowly begin to tip, and then slowly being to fall. Finally, you can see me emerging from the pond. Anyplace that doesn’t have chorine, and doesn’t have water filters tends to be nasty. I slogged my way through the mud back to the sand bar. Emptied the Kayak of water and climbed the small hill to our yard.

Three kids laughing my daughter kept saying I got it all.

Luckily the dog was worried about me.

The beaver from our pond...

They actually lived on the other side of the pond, this is in our yard.

such a beautiful creature

enjoying lunch

this is as close as I was allowed to get

same place as before just zoomed in a bit!

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