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Wander project Cincinnati Ohio

Amusement parks are interesting, and of course amusing. We have over the years gone to many different ones. My wife (and one of the twins) may have a roller coaster addiction. We get to an amusement park, and they rush to the roller coaster. When we went to Wisconsin Dells the only thing that twin wanted to do was to ride the Hades Roller Coaster. My back hurt for a week after that one. The Wisconsin Dells amusement park is famous for that wooden roller coaster Hades. It rattles you from side to side. I love to ride roller coasters, but that one did a number on my back.  As I get older, I try to avoid back injuries as that can slow me down for a couple of months!

(the pictures are a series, I was trying to catch something moving, but as you can see 10 pictures epic fail!)

The pictures today are of Kings Island. KI was in Maineville Ohio just off of US I-71 and north of Cincinnati Ohio. We lived in the apartments that are less than a ½ mile from the Amusement parks parking lot. We had when we lived in Cincinnati, season passes and would go frequently. My favorite thing was the Holiday display they did in the winter. Riding around in the old west area, watching the most beautiful lights. Over the years we did work events, family events and just us going to the amusement park. There were rides and things to do for everyone. We also visited KI when we lived in Greenwood. It was about a 2-hour drive from Greenwood to KI; the park opened at 10 am, so you could be there when the gates opened if you left early in the aam.

We had to be there early; my wife likes to ride the roller coasts. At KI they are famous for a coaster called “The Beast” if you get there early you can rush across the park and get in line when the line is shorter to ride The Beast. Now my favorite time to ride a roller coaster is just as the sun is setting it makes the plunging from the light to the darkness that much more stark. I also, now know, that wooden coasters rattle a lot. Brace yourself if you have an existing back condition! Amusement parks are a mix of avarice and innocence. Hard sometimes as an adult to reconcile that as you walk around the park. How many baseball caps can you have with different Kings Island Logos after all?


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Wonderful memories. Amusement parks are a great deal of fun. However, I am afraid of heights so I ride everything that is tame and avoid the roller coaster. You are a compatible family if you enjoy the coaters. My late husband was a big fan of them.

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