wander project Christmas 2004

As we move along the path towards another Christmas of the past, we see older kids. Each moment, search hour helping them grow. 2004 was a year of great change. I started working on a global team at work, so my travel increased even more. I was all around the world. But that was about a holiday, a moment with the family. We started the morning early, the kids wanting to start at 5 am. The dogs also wanting to start the day at 5 am. We normally would make breakfast (and the dogs would be fed) and then as said now several times head down to grandma’s house. The funny thing is, we went through the snow the year before, but there was no river on the way to Grandma’s house.

(the old song Over the river and through the snow to grandmother’s house we go. The horse knows the way to follow the sleigh). Between Indianapolis and Bloomington, there isn’t a river. There are a couple of creeks but they are not much to consider. One of them is little more than a creek bed most of the year. My daughter and the twins, standing at the top of the stairs while I made coffee. The two dogs weren’t asked to wait on the stairs. They came down to the kitchen, pointing out that making them wait for food was at best illegal. At worst, it was cruelty. We had made Gwen change her ways when Fran arrived. Gwen had her bowl of food out all day and ate when she was hungry.

Fran ate when there was food in the bowl. Labs will overeat if you let them. So we started feeding the dogs in the morning. We found that out very early with Fran. She loved food! In 2004 we did not buy the twins another vehicle. The jeep was in the garage and they, the twins, had riven it around the driveway many hundred times. This was the 3rd of the Bionelice years. Biocles were Lego creations that the twins loved. But in 2004, we transitioned from me having to put them together to the Twins doing it. They spent time the day after Christmas assembling. Later they would create all sorts of interesting creations with the Bionicle parts. We sat in the living room of the house and relaxing with coffee opening presents. Another perfect Christmas day!!!!


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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