Wander project Christmas 2003

2003 we were well underway with kids growing. You can see bigger kids on the stairs coming down. Our daughter kept the twins upstairs until my wife and I woke up. Normally, it was me wandering to the Kitchen and starting the coffee. Once the coffee had progressed to the point where there was a cup for my wife, she would get up and drink her coffee. We would then stand at the base of the stairs waiting for the kids. I put my coffee cup done and had the camera to take them down the stairs picture. It is and was a tradition. Funny how those things start. You don’t think about how cool that moment is until later on. The light bulb over our heads as we realize, wow that is a cool moment.

I would love to take credit for the idea to have the kids pose on the stairs but it was never my idea. It was our daughter’s idea.  She was the one that saw the concept in a movie or book and wanted to recreate it. 2003 was a year I was traveling all the time. So it was nice to be able to be home for a few days. I was tired but happy. Travel has a huge amount of wear and tear on you. Christmas 2003 was the first transition year for the kids. They used to get many bigger gifts because they were less expensive. This year, 2003 was the year they all began to love playing video games. Video games cost more money overall than action figures and toy garages do.

Fran was right in the middle of Christmas as was her tradition. At some point a couple of years before our daughter put the first bow from the first present she opened on Fran’s head. Fran spent the rest of the morning trying to get the bow off. Our daughter put it on, Fran shook it off and our daughter put it back on. That would make me laugh every single time. Fran was a big fan of having an early breakfast before we would take off. Fran’s rule in life was always. Why wait, let’s have breakfast now! The picture frames on the way down the stairs would only last three years. But for this year they were there. We had family photos printed and in the frames on the staircase.


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