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wander project Christmas 2001

In 2001 we were past the Y2K crisis. We had made it out the previous century and now we’re approaching the end of the 20th century (December 31, 2001). The pictures today are from my father’s office. There is a funny story about my father’s home office. When my dad retired, he moved all his years of books from IU to mom and dad’s house. Lots and lots of books that he had gotten or been given over the years. The books were so heavy they started to bow the floor in the house. So mom and dad converted the garage into Dad’s office and added a new garage to the house. That allowed shelves to be built that were anchored on concreate rather than the wood floor structure in the other part of the house.

I remember 2001 in part because in moving from Cincinnati Ohio to Indianapolis, I now worked in Downtown Chicago. It was a lot of fun to see the downtown Chicago Christmas displays.  The original downtown Sears store always had a fun display in the windows. Plus there were the interesting displays in all the windows of the Marshall Fields department store. I remember going to Marshall Fields with my mother many years before. It was fun to walk around the city in the winter. I have many fragmented memories of being in Chicago as a child. I remember going there a few times in the remainder of my childhood, but the memories are precious to me either way.

In 2001 we were all settling into a routine that would continue until 2010. We would all celebrate a Christmas with our kids at home, and then come down to mom and dad’s house. The twins got an electric jeep that year. The minute they got into the jeep, we realized what a fear factor device that was. Sitting in the vehicle, putting it in reverse and nearly knocking over the Christmas tree. That became an outdoor toy right after that. They, the twins, would drive that around the driveway. But the driving on the toy was not happening for a couple of months (actually April that year). Back then, the kids got huge toys mostly that had to be assembled by parents. I miss those days sometimes.

one of the twins, offering to help my sister open gifts!


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I am certain this will warm your heart. My husband noticed the gift bag with the bird. “I hope Doc finds that and gives Carol DM a present.” I love those moments and your wander brought that to me.


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