Wander project Chicago (and yes we did cruise the Miracle Mile).

I’ve shared various pictures of many different trips to Chicago. For three years (starting in 1999 and ending in roughly 2002) I worked with and on some downtown Chicago accounts. So, I was in Chicago starting Monday morning and lasting until roughly Thursday night. We had the four by 10 rule back then for traveling. Although I can honestly say, I probably worked 40 once in a blue moon. For the most part, I was closer to 60 hours per week. I figured I wasn’t home what else was I going to do. I did end up collecting Marriott hotel points (I miss those days), so the family could, and did spend time with me in Chicago (and later in New York) on school vacations.

All of the pictures are actually inside the American Girl Doll store in downtown Chicago Illinois. I was not invited to attend the tea party. I do not properly lift my little finger when sipping tea and speaking in a fake English Accent. I also, do not probably lift the tiny tea sandwiches when participating improperly in high tea.. plus, at that point the twins were mobile, agile and hostile. Putting them at a table with hot tea and cookies (read sugar) was not a good idea. The twins and I stayed in the hotel and enjoyed the pool for the afternoon. The girls all went off to the American Girl Doll store. I cannot tell you how long this event was talked about, planned, and ultimately how completely disinterested I was in the overall event.

Not, mind that I wasn’t happy my daughter, my nieces, etc., all got to enjoy a special event. That was great. The reality of what that event was, was, of course, something Iw as not interested in. Had there been some fun events planned other than High Tea I would have possibly been more interested. Actually no, there was no way I would be interested. It was simply hiding a fabric store in a fake doll store. I figured it was another plot by my mother to get me into a fabric store. So, in the end, I stayed and played in the pool. I think the twins and I also watched a movie. We also had a short walk on the Miracle Mile (that is what Michigan Avenue in Downtown Chicago is called).

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