Wander project Chestertown MD

More images of the trip to Chestertown Maryland. One of the things that I am doing is wandering warm weather locations while it is cold. I call it the wander to warm project, part of the overall wander project that is a component of the family history project. How is that for a mouthful describing why I am not sharing more pictures of snow! Plus, I miss being out on the Bay so it has double duty, I get to remember boating moments and post warm pictures.

I showed the horrible traffic on the Bay Bridge. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to boat under the bridge, and looking up watch the cars crawl along. Although in fairness a couple of times we wandered under the bridge, there was no traffic. Part of me wanted to rush back to the marina and drive across the bridge, just to see what it was like without traffic. We didn’t, continuing up the Severn River and relaxing. But I did think about it.

I know a few folks that live on Kent Island. They seldom take their cars over the bridge. Unless they have to, mostly they hop into their boats and cross the easy way. It may limit what you can do once you arrive, but you don’t sit on the bridge waiting for the sky to clear and the traffic to pass. Plus, you do have to pay to cross the bay bridge. It isn’t a huge toll, but you do pay for the right to sit on the bridge.


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