Wander project out on the Chesapeake Bay!

I have shared some pictures of being out on the bay over the past ten weeks. Mostly images of boats, the water and just cruising. Today I wanted to introduce a member of our crew. We have the Captian, the other Captain and then finally Captain Lars (see the last two pictures for his image). One of the things we enjoyed in Europe was the hard top power boats. Rather than covered with canvas, a hard top has a fixed top. We also, in Gelsinger, found a shop that sold Norweigan Trolls. We had to get a couple for the house, and of course one for the boat. Captain Lars has been a fixture on the boat since then.

For some reason, I took an image or two of the boat instruments as well. Not sure why I did that. For the most part, we were simply cruising; we didn’t go out into the bay far enough to see dolphins, we instead headed over towards Annapolis itself. We were looking to see what was around. Mostly we were not hungry, or we would have gone further into the city dock area. There are some restaurants where you can tie off your boat and enjoy lunch.

It was a phenomenal day, warm enough not to be cold on the water. The sky was clear with just a couple of dark clouds overhead. When you are out on the Bay, the weather is not a good thing. The water can get pretty rough, pretty quick. There are a few more weeks of boating season left this year, at most seven weeks. Then we take the boat to the dry dock, and it is pulled from the water for winterizing and a relaxing winter on land. With the hurricane coming, (Irma) we made sure we were prepared in case of a sudden shift of hurricane path.


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Written by DocAndersen

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