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The problem with photographs is that they are always new. Dorian Gray kept him in the attic. Until someone else found it, then Dorian Gray got old fast! Pictures capture light. They capture the essence of what the subject was attempting to convey. But also the intent of the photographer in that second. But in that second, the very light sought is gone. You take a picture of a second, but it is not of the light that caught your eye in the first place. That light is now gone 1860,000 miles or more away. It takes 2 seconds to aim and shoot a picture. Less if you already have the camera ready but still time. The shutter requires a 1/5 of a second or less but still time.

Another part beyond the light changing, is the reality of time changing. The pictures I am sharing is of a house in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was a year old or less than a year old when the picture was taken. It is now nearly 22 years old. The picture if you took it now would be different. That is the delta that a picture creates. The moment captured is never to be again. But the moment we seek is not the moment captured. That is interplayed the photographer’s faces. Humans move slower than light. But cameras move faster than humans. What is, reflects the eye of the photographer and then through the synapses of the human body to the finger poised on the shutter.

We are the moment captured. But that moment moves on. As I said, the house in the picture was less than a year old at the time of the picture. 21 years ago. Not reflection, although by definition the light reflects from the object. All objects see by the eye are reflections — the light is bouncing off the object and coming to our eyes, we see them. With the picture, we have seen now as they were. Look upon pictures now, and see what once was. But what once was is no more. It is gone forever in the blink of the eye, that missed the perfect picture. The light, reflecting everything moves on. In the time it took you to read this, the light is gone forever. It will not return as it was, then again.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. “Everything is changing everything,” Plato said.
    It’s so, when the picture is a question and when we look at ourselves with our fathers.
    If you look at someone, after a few months you will notice the difference, do not you?

  2. Love the photos. Interesting about light. For me when I lived where there was snow in the winter the saddest part was the dwindling light in the early afternoon that led to total darkness so quickly. In the summer I get a bit nostalgic in the afternoons when that golden light shines and I know that soon evening will be coming in. When I begin my days real early I love the bright early morning light and as the day goes on I look forward to the familiar, friendly kind of evening glow.


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