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Measure. What the world brings to where we are. Rain, over time, brings flowers. I started doing my Yesterday’s Weather Forecast a few years ago. I share a timelapse video of the weather from Yesterday and based on that video, I predict the weather that happened Yesterday. I realize it is tongue in cheek. It is probably the ultimate dad joke. Of course, someone seeing what happened can predict what happened. The science is in predicting what will happen. But that isn’t as funny. Weather is a new reality. There are things that we can control in the world; the weather is not one of them. We can go indoors, but if the storm comes indoors well, we can’t control that.

I don’t often talk about technology on the wander. The goals of technology, in this case, thought fit well with the process today. I spend time overall considering the weather. The Bloomsky system I have nicely converted a day of camera images into a 19-25 second time-lapse video. I share them on my youtube channel and a couple of social media sites. The goal is, of course, to have fun. Having fun is such an important thing. Smile at someone today – they do not get another smile! The other technology in the pictures is the Raspberry Shake. Raspberry Shake, uses the Raspberry PI technology to deliver a home seismograph. Most people look at me and say, why would you have a seismograph at home?

You don’t; nobody needs a home weather station or a home seismograph. There are plenty of folks all around you that have one; you can see the local weather or local seismograph online. I just thought it would be fun to share the things that I like to consider and chase from time to time. The world is always amazing; nature brings us flowers. Every day there is a sunrise, and a sunset is a win! For me, the sheer fun of collecting the information is something I can do and have fun with. It takes me back to when I was a kid. I used to argue with the weather person on the TV. Why? Because no matter what the temperature is outside, they always had to say “feels like.”

I get that wind chill is critical to know.

But feels like 94 degrees when the air temp is 91, seriously? That I don’t need to know!

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look up its a sky!


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  1. Reminds me when my country’s meteorological department stated that the reason we weren’t receiving rain (late last year) is because it’s was being held in a neighbouring nation. As a result, funny-satirical exchanges were shared between the two countries through social media.

  2. Feels like temperate is all we should have, that should be the actual temperature.
    Funny when I first saw the 42 degrees, I took a second look and said what!
    Then I noticed the date. We need 42 today.


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