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Wander project chasing FireFlies…

When I was a little kid, we used to catch fireflies. We would put them int a bottle or jar, and they would light up. Catch enough of them, and you had a light. There were what seemed then to be an infinite supply of fireflies then. The tiny flying twinkling stars as far as you could see lighting their little portion of the night sky.

They were everywhere. I don’t know when the FireFlies stopped. I don’t know what killed the FireFlies, but there aren’t as many fireflies now as they used to be. Many things used to be that are more. Sometimes that is a good thing. Something that made no sense when I was a child is now gone. Well, some of them are, I still don’t understand why children cause gray hair in parents, but perhaps I never will understand that one.

I thought it would be fun to share a memory with you and then ask you to share a memory with me. Share something like the Fireflies that I shared. That you, as a child, thought would never end. That you dreamed of, played around and with, something that made you happy as a child that is no more. No more because you grew up, or in the sad case of my Fireflies, an evolutionary dead end. Who needs insects to light the night when humans light the night so bright?

Lanai Hawaii

  1. Something that struck me last weekend at my oldest daughter’s house was that she threatened the boys that if they did not stop misbehaving they were going outside. That was thought to be a punishment to them. When I was a kid we played outside all day long until dark!! And we liked it!

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  1. That is one of the things I miss doing as a child. Me, and my cousins catching fireflies every time we got together in the boondocks visiting our grandma. Oh, and playing tag outside in those very dark settings. We never cared about tripping over tree stumps or holes in the ground, but it always somehow got one of us before the night ended, lol. Then we had to stop, but best believe next time we were out again.

  2. In October, I was visiting my young son’s family in Bulgaria. One night I smoked a cigarette in the yard and was surprised by the small lights of the fireflies. I thought they were gone. But they do exist in some places.The photos are great

  3. We don’t see fireflies here anymore. Last year while on a road trip we saw thousands of them in a stretch closer to the paddy fields. We stopped there for an hour just to have fun. The boys loved it. I never though that I won’t see the common sparrow anymore, now I have to travel to rural areas to see one. Crows have reduced in numbers and vultures are not to be seen at all.


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