Wander project cell phone memory!

The last few pictures I’ve taken. A couple is of the Keecker (had a hardware issue they fixed). The last couple is ones I’ve used in the 365-day challenge. I find myself focusing on having a picture every day for the challenge. I don’t always go back as often as I should and make sure the pictures I share in the challenge get moved to the various other picture shares. Part of the family history project was to share pictures that hadn’t been shared. At this point, because of size limits here on Virily, and the sheer volume of images we have, for 2017 we were at 1100 pictures shared and 2800 pictures taken. At that rate of publication, I will end up having to do the family history project for well, ever.

In fairness, as part of the family history project, I make copies of the pictures for my mother and sisters. Effectively I am sharing many more pictures than I am taking.

Some of the pictures I can’t share yet. Not that they are bad, rather some of the memories are still too painful. I will eventually get to the point where I can share those. It took me eight years after my grandfather died to watch for the hour-long tape my wife took of me asking him questions in my parents living room. We wanted to have a living history project at the time. My grandfather passed away two months after we took that video. I couldn’t watch it for many years. I can watch it now, but it still makes me sad.

All of this is part of the process for the family history imaging. My wife found some photo albums from her mother. We need to scan those pictures and add them to the Ralstin collection.

The 365-day photo challenge reminds me every day that it is important to share the images you take. I read posts on Virily and the web, and am amazed at the sheer quality of pictures and memories shared. It is amazing when you think about the number of pictures people share. I find I am always wondering what someone was thinking, and in reading their post, amazed at not only the thoughts but the images.

To the community of artists, photographers, and bloggers that I am a part of, thank you! All of you inspire me to share more!


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