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Hey, Hey, My My its Caption Thursday time again!

(it’s better to comment than to groan).

With so many apologies to Neil Young and ruining his awesome lyrics!  I cut down the number of pictures on Caption Thursday to make the process a little easier for everyone. Today I have two really fun photos and put comments and Captions away. You can create a new (and I am sure better) caption either in the picture area or in the general comment area!

Yesterday I talked about my mom’s cooking. She is the most amazing cook. I learned to cook with and from her. It was fun growing up because the other person I learned to cook with, and from was my mother’s mother. My grandmother was a recipe follower (to at)! My mom doesn’t do recipes. I have to say I am a lot like her. I will follow a recipe for something I have never made, but if I know what it tastes like, I won’t even then if I see the dish though I never use a recipe. That is my mother’s influence. But there are many other stories about my mom and her impact on me. The first story today involves something that was a part of who I was then.

I used to climb on everything. Everything I encountered, I climbed. When we were in Thailand, I went off trail all the time to climb rocks. We were on a trail somewhere outside of Bangkok. I saw a rock by the trail and started to climb. I waited for my mother to say, “get off that rock,” but she never did. Finally, on top of the rock, I looked down and asked my mom a question.

“mom, why didn’t you yell at me to get off the rock/.”

“Would that have stopped you?” my mother asked.

“no,” I answered.

She looked at me and then said, “if you are going to do that, I am not going to argue with you anymore.”

Somehow that was worse than her yelling gets off at me!

The other thing is my mom has a great sense of humor. But she is also one that hoards jokes and then when you aren’t ready she drops one on you.

I don’t use recipes often to this day!

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