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Welcome to Caption Thursday. This is the online version of the game. Although, to be honest, I have no idea what the home version would look like. Perhaps I send you two pictures, and you write captions on the back and then mail them to the next person.

Today two odd pictures. One of the photos was of a co-worker’s lunch. It has a bizarre appearance. The second was of a pigeon that took one look at me and started walking away.

I was not offended that the pigeon didn’t care for me. It honestly made me laugh at the time!

The concept of kindness is one that always interests me. Service is a word that people throw out, But it is often closer to a person-hole cover. You see, in the world, sometimes we chase what we call Political Correctness. But sometimes the correct is neither politically or for that matter in any way accurate. Yes, there are things we shouldn’t say. Yes, there are roles we shouldn’t identify. Yes, we should be careful about how we address others. But the journey we are on is one we go on together. I know that my grandfather was a perfect business person. He spent the last few working years of his life selling Gym Floors and what are called Modular Homes.

He, my grandfather, was respected won a person. If you had his respect, he wouldn’t stop unless you did something stupid. Honestly, we need to get back to that worldโ€”a place where all people get a minimum measure of respect. But if someone earns more, they deserve the respect they have earned. We should stop for a moment and make sure we thank those who help us get to where we are. I deeply respect anyone that peacefully shares a concern about the fairness of a situation. I appreciate those who march for justice peacefully. Those that loot and burn to make me nervous. But I honor those willing to take a stand, to share their thoughts and dreams with others.

So today, I honor the reality of the world we are in. We, as humans, are on a journey. In part, we travel 24,000 or so miles per day (one rotation of the earth) we travel many more million miles around the sun each day. We, at the end of each day, have completed 1/365th of the year’s journey. Or not very much in any one day. We have so much to consider. Each day, each person, each dream is critical. Smile at every person you meet; it may be the only smile they get that day!

Anyone can join the Caption Thursday Challenge โ€“post one, two, or more pictures with a fun caption and ask the readers to add their captions! It doesn’t even have to be Thursdays!

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)

Help me, the shrimp are eating my lunch!

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I was hoping Ellie or Pam would take my picture. Instead I get this guy. I am outta here!

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